What We Know About The Latest SABC Show “Too Hot To Be Single”

SABC is keen to bring new flowers into the souls of singles of between 22 and 35 years who are too hot to remain single. Thus was born a new reality television show called Too Hot To Be Single.

The broadcasting giant shared a flier of the imminent show on social media, encouraging peeps in the age bracket to show up and be featured. The comment section teeters in hilarity, with some admitting they’re shy before the camera. Others stated their availability for the show on Facebook and nowhere else.

While potential participants are debating whether or not they have the confidence to appear on national television, the show organizers have already snapped a host for it.

Lawrence Maleka, 30, a notable actor, has been picked as the host of Too Hot To Be Single. On the choice of the actor as host, show organizers said they were looking for someone who is confident and suave, and apparently Lawrence fits that description.

Phuthi Moloto, who is brand manager at SABC-1, described Lawrence as the perfect fit for the show given how incredibly talented he is.

Lawrence was previously a presenter but ditched the presenting world to focus on acting. He makes a grand return to presenting with his new gig as host of Too Hot To Be Single.

Speaking on his return to presenting, Lawrence had described the journey as interesting, especially as he’s back with close friends and people he trusts and have high regard for.

On why he left presenting briefly, he clarified that it was a conscious decision on his part – he never left because presenting jobs had dried out. He merely wanted to give himself time to explore the world of acting.

He’s back to the world of presenting now and couldn’t be happier. He’s especially chuffed with the show because it is local.

Too Hot To Be Single is a dating game designed to match people who consider themselves to be single. The process is fairly straightforward. A single, female or male, comes to the show looking for a relationship.

The said person is met by six individuals (of the opposite sex) in similar quest) and they undergo a series of challenges.

On the challenges, Lawrence clarified: “Through the series of challenges, each challenge one of the six hopefuls lobbying for a single’s love gets eliminated. Once in the last two, the single makes a decision as to who they want to pursue a relationship with and hopefully make their decision to become lovers [ultimately].”

Sounds like what many would love to try.

By the way, the first season of the sow will have 13 episodes. The show will start today April 8.

Care to give it a shot?

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