Where are K.O’s Cultural Roots?

The lives of celebs are fodder for the public. Who are they really? Where are they from? The questions are pretty sporadic. Sometimes celebs humour their fans by answering; at other times they simply ignore.

K.O’s life – his cultural roots so to speak – has become a source of fascination to his fans. On Sunday 7 June 2020, the Cashtime boss paused briefly on the streets of Twitter to answer questions from his fans who were curious about his cultural roots.

A Twitter user had posited that the one-time Teargas member, who glittered in “Rainbow” with J’Something, Msaki and Q Twins recently, looks like a member of the Ndebele tribe. (Ndebele are a Bantu-speaking people of Southern Africa).

Although K.O thought the observation a compliment, another Twitter user disagreed with it, suggesting instead that K.O. is of Xhosa cultural roots.

Amused by the isiXhosa tag, K.O had retweeted it with a couple of laughing emojis, which indicate he isn’t isiXhosa after all.

Another fan suggested the rapper’s cultural roots are immaterial because he is now considered a part of the Xhosa nation, a suggestion K.O neither denied nor vetted.

Well, what do you think of K.O’s cultural roots debate? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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