Who Has Been Defaming Nasty C with a Fake Account?

The Zulu Man With Some Power Nasty C has revealed someone he knows has been using a fake account to defame him. He did not disclose who exactly the person is, however.

Fame and fortunes attract goodwill from members of the public. People tend to like almost everything you do and even defer to you. Well, fame and fortune also cause some people to antagonize you; they just hate your person and whatever you do, good or bad.

Nasty C, the “EAZY” rapper recently signed to Def Jam Africa, came under fire from a Twitter denizen who thinks nothing of him and his art. The fellow, who goes with the handle @DontGiveA10, called Nasty C a nasty bitch and “tiddy madafaka.

Contrary to what some of the rapper’s fans had expected, Nasty C was rather amused by the tweet. He retweeted it with the comment “almost every single day,” indicating it wasn’t the first time the fellow had insulted him online. For effect, he added the tongue-out emoji. The fellow didn’t respond, and that apparently ended the case.

What do you make of this incident? What do you think of Nasty C’s reaction to it? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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