Whoopi Goldberg Fires Sarcastic Shot At Co-Host Ana Navarro

Whoopi Goldberg Fires Sarcastic Shot At Co-Host Ana Navarro

The View’s co-host Whoopi Goldberg was unimpressed with her co-host Ana Navarro’s attempt to “take her job” on the show, and she sarcastically shut her down during their presentation.

Goldberg, 66, is the moderator and in charge of running the segment. So it’s entirely at her discretion to decide when to change topics, etc.,

However, during their last appearance together, Navarro, 50, decided to interrupt Goldberg. She suggested that it was time for a commercial break. She noted that they could speak at length on the subject when they reconvene.

Goldberg fired back near-instantly, “Oh, you wanna do this?” The sarcasm wasn’t lost on viewers, who mostly sided with Goldberg for her response to Ana. A fan noted it was getting hot in there. Another wondered if Ana is keen to take the job of the moderator.

And yet another said that they liked Ana, but she can’t take over Whoopi’s job. Most viewers who responded condemned Ana for her actions while expressing their support for Goldberg. Would a similar drama play out in the future between the two? Time will tell.

By the way, the current drama comes months after Goldberg apologised for the “insensitive” statement he made about the Jewish holocaust.