Why Cassper Nyovest Will ‘Never’ Do Business In Durban Again

Cassper Nyovest opens up about why he will never do business in Durban again.

While the music industry may seem complex, there is so much that artists go through while trying to entertain their fans. Cassper Nyovest’s bad experience in Durban a while back has made the rapper vow to never do business there again.

He made the reveal while replying a fan on social media. Reacting to a video shared by the “Any Minute Now” hit maker, the fan asked why DJ Sumbody and his partners dont open Ayepep Lifestyle in Durban. Replying, Mufasa revealed that he wouldn’t advice his “boys” to open or conduct any business in Durban.

He stated that there is so much politics there, and that he learnt his lesson the hard way. He revealed that he would come only when he’s booked. Another follower seemed to concur with this saying that the “bosses” there make it hard for the upcomers to blow.

Lol. The politics in Durban are wild. I wouldn’t advise my boys to go there. I learnt my lesson the hard and sad way. Never doing anything there. I’ll come when I’m booked.”

– Cassper Nyovest

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