Why Sonia & Matthew Booth’s Divorce Is Delayed

A recurring theme in matters of divorce, especially when it concerns a rich and famous figure, is money. Stories abound of ladies wanting their “cut” after a failed marriage. Some of them end up getting what they want and some get only a fraction, and yet some receive nothing.

To each his experience, obviously. Anyway, in the divorce between the retired footballer 

Matthew Booth and his estranged wife Sonia, things are somewhat stalled thanks in part to Matthew’s alleged missing financial statements.

Apparently with the financial statement from the soccer legend comes a clear picture of what to do with his assets as they go their separate ways after years of togetherness and amity.

At some point, when the going was good, the couple charmed South Africans with how close they were. Some even pointed to them as an example of couple goals. But their relationship developed cracks along the line, with Matthew allegedly getting involved with other women.

Things had gotten so bad that they felt divorce was their best option. And that’s exactly what they are exploring as their fans and compatriots look on.

It will be interesting to see if Matthew’s financial records will be found and what will follow next. Tag along for more if you please.

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