Wicknell Chivayo Dismisses Mihlali Ndamase Dating Rumours

There is never a shortage of opinions on who Zimbabwean millionaire Wicknell Chivayo is dating. Given his wealth and seeming love for publicity, which sees him frolicking with other famous figures, including the ladies, people often point to ladies that they believe he is dating.

The lady allegedly to be in his dating orbit right now is none other than the YouTuber Mihlali Ndamase. But is he really dating her?

Well, the businessman himself recently answered the question, but he was dismissive of the claims that he has a relationship with Mihlali Ndamase.

He had to address the rumour that he is dating her after he found himself trending when news of his alleged relationship with her popped up online. Given his calibre, many easily believed because he was – really is – the sort of man that Mihlali would be found with – handsome, rich and influential.

Controversial blogger Musa Khawula sparked the dating rumour with a post on X. However, Wicknell Chivayo, who is currently married to a wife and already has two kids, insists he is not dating Mihllali Ndamase.

Allegedly, the two of them just happened to be in the same city and there was no relationship. How true that is, time will tell.

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