Will AKA’s Upcoming Album Be Mzansi’s Project of the Year?

AKA’s confidence in his gift is bottomless. Every opportunity he gets, he hypes himself out there as the best thing since er, er… white soup? We’ve run out of sliced bread!

Y’all know Kiernan Jarryd Forbes is working on a new album, right? Well, the songster, who has adopted the stage name of AKA, is confident that imminent body of work, titled “Bhovamnia,” wouldn’t be just another compilation but Mzansi’s project of the year.

So far, he has teased a couple of songs from that body of working, calling himself a pop god, among other positive epithets. The songs so far released are “Energy,” “Monuments” and “Cross My Heart.” The upcoming project might house 10 tracks in all – based on what AKA has shared on his social media pages.

Well, AKA recently shared a teaser what some fans have imagined another song but what in reality might stand for the imminent compilation. He called it the project of the year.

The date for the release of the project has not been given. But then we will bring it to you as soon as it is released. So stay tuned.

Do you think AKA’s upcoming “Bhovamania” album will be the project of the year? You are welcome to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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