Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see and collaborate on a new song? Wouldn’t it be wonderful as well to see collaborate with ? Well, what do you think?

has long been associated with these acts and has worked with them previously. But along the line there had been rumours of a beef between him and and between him and too.

Of the alleged beefs, that with A-Reece gained the most resonance and featured copiously in blogs across South . In spite of the rumours, neither artiste confirmed or denied anything.

Some fans would say, though, that A-Reece hinted at quashing his beef with Flame in the song “Careless.” Well, whatever the case, we are here for the music. And it looks like we will be getting it pretty soon.

In a recent tweet, a fan who goes by the handle @moitoikaelo had asked Flame when he would be collaborating with Ecco. Flame responded he is already working on that.

Perhaps after that we would have an A-Reece collaboration? The coming days should be interesting.

What do you think of a potential collaboration between the artistes? You may want ro share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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