News Exonerates Megan Ryte, Admits To Pinching DJ Lag’s Song

Peeps who had listened to the American musician DJ Megan Ryte’s “Culture” music video had denounced it, calling it a copy of the South African gqom artiste DJ Lag “Ice Drop.”

A massive takedown campaign had been launched against the video on social media and even on YouTube, forcing DJ Megan Ryte to disable comments on the video sharing platform. Even at that, fans have managed to register their displeasure by disliking the video over 18k times – a much higher figure than the likes.

In a sudden twist to the theft story,, one of the songsters featured on DJ Megan Ryte’s “Culture” music video, had come out to state that he was the one to be blamed for the theft and not Megan Ryte.

The songster apologized in a video on his channel. Some social media users are unimpressed however, poking holes in his explanations. Some are asking for a formal apology. You may want to check out the video below.

My Apologies… Sorry @meganryte for the situation with @realdjlag…I made the mistake not Megan…


What do you think about’s apology video? Do you think it would redeem DJ Megan Ryte from the public’s condemnation and her own silence over it all? You’re welcome to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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