Will Jay-Z Join Kanye West As Vice Presidential Candidate?

Amidst the controversy of his recent Twitter rant, West has hinted at plans to have Jay-Z join his campaign as vice-president.

If Jay-Z should elect to join West, it would be a game of two billionaires – as powerful as the incumbent, President Trump, and his vice.

West hinted at plans to have Jay-Z join his presidential ticket during a radio interview. At the moment, Michelle Tidball, a Christian pastor from Wyoming, is Kanye West’s vice-presidential candidate.

But according to the “DONDA” rapper, Ms Tidball is amenable to take up another role should he elect to pick someone else for the position of vice president.

By indicating his interest in Jay-Z for the vice president’s slot, West may have brushed aside the ambitions of Caitlyn Jenner, who had said she wanted to be his vice.

A West-Jay-Z will be particularly powerful, but will it snap the most powerful seat in the world?

Would Jay-Z take up west’s offer and join his as a vice-presidential candidate? The coming days should reveal a lot. We are watching events and will bring you more details as they drop.

Stay tuned. You may as well let us know what you think, in the comment section.

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