Will Smith Delivers A ‘Men in Black’ Performance At Coachella

Fans thrilled by a surprise appearance of “Independence Day” star Will Smith as he delivered a performance of “Men In Black” with J Balvin.

Everyone who attended Coachella last weekend had so much to say about the music festival. We hear the best parts were the surprise appearances from some of the world’s biggest stars including “Bad Boys” star Will Smith.

According to a report by People, Smith surprised the crowd during J Balvin’s set by appearing dressed in character as Agent J from Men in Black. He then delivered an energetic performance his song of the same title from the 1997 film.

The publication reports that he showed up from the bottom of the stage wearing a black suit and shades as he did in the hit film. He shouted at the crowd, “Coachella!” and then started to so his thing as the track began.

The best part was the finale in which Balvin was dragged offstage by dancers as Smith whipped out a memory-wiping ‘Neuralyzer,’ as in the film and flashed the crowd with it. His wife Jada Pinkett-Smith and his kids Jaden and Willow were in the crowd cheering him on.

Variety reports that Balvin returned to the stage and gave an energetic performance of “In Da Ghetto.”


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