Wine Tasting Goes Awry As Serena Williams’s Nephew Is Floored By Wine

Tennis champion Serena Williams has chastised her late sister’s son Jair Bobbitt for passing out during a wine-tasting ceremony.

The mother of one, who is currently expecting her second child, shared a clip on her Instagram story showing Bobbitt sprawled on the floor and explaining that he was exhausted from all the wine drinking he had been doing Serena and her husband.

Incidentally, Bobbitt also shared the same video on his Instagram page, indicating Serena sharing the clip at first was not a big deal after all. In his post, he facetiously wrote, “Wine tasting is hard work.”

Bobbitt is the son of the late Yetunde Price, who was killed in a shooting decades ago. Until her death, Yetunde had a close relationship with her sisters Serena and Venus, both of who were devastated when she was killed.

Her death may have separated them, but the close relationship continued with Yetunde’s children. Serena has been playing the role of big auty to the kids, In that sense, her reaction to Bobbitt’s being downed by wine may not come as a surprise.

Also, it is not the first time that Bobbitt would join his aunt and her husband for some adventure.

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