Winnie Ntshaba Reacts To Emotional “House Of Zwide” Scenes

Winnie Ntshaba has reacted to the recent emotional scenes on “House Of Zwide.”

Have you ever watched an episode of the series and felt like it was just too real? That’s how viewers of “House Of Zwide” felt after the latest episode, which featured a wedding and then a funeral for their son.

Fans have applauded the impressive and scene-stealing performances by Winnie Ntshaba, who plays Faith Zwide. The famous actress took to Instagram to share clips from the episode and revealed she had a headache for two days after filming the scenes.

She wrote, “We tell real-life stories and because of the realness of death. I was triggered this day…I had a headache for two days after shooting this.” She also prayed for the people who have lost loved ones. “I wish God could heal all the broken-hearted people who have lost their loved ones and give them strength and peace.”

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