Wiseman Mncube Replaces Bonko Khoza As Mqhele On The Wife Showmax

There have been some changes in the soaraway flick  The Wife Showmax, with Wiseman Mncube replacing Bonko as Mqhele.

As the new replacement for Bono Khoza (Mqhele Zulu) on the series, Wiseman is naturally a “replacement.” But the actor wouldn’t buy that narrative. According to him, he isn’t replacing the other actor but beginning his own journey.

When news broke that Bonko Khoza would be leaving the show and that his role would be recast, fans were sceptical that whoever would take over from him would do a great job. But it appears like Wiseman is determined to hit the ground running – on his own terms, of course.

So far, the producers have already vetted his creative powers. The producer of the flick, Kamogelo Aphane, described Wiseman as a versatile performer who would expertly interpret the Mqhele character.

He also noted that Wiseman’s work ethic and command of Zulu would take the Mqhele character to new heights this season. With such faith in his ability to interpret the Mqhele character, Wiseman cannot afford to fail in his new role.

It will be interesting to see what the reception of his character will be following his successful transition into his new role. So stay tuned if you please.

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