Wits University Kidnapping Accused Appear In Court Tuesday

Kidnappings have become rife in South Africa of recent. But nothing has captured the attention of the Rainbow Nation at the moment as much as the kidnapping of an 18-year-old student of Wits University in Johannesburg.

Seven men stand accused of kidnapping the student, with their case expected to be heard today at a Magistrate’s Court.

The student, unnamed at this point, was reportedly lured through a dating site dubbed Grindr. He was thereafter held incommunicado, with the accused demanding R30,000 for his safe return to his family.

The alleged seven masterminds of the kidnapping were arrested at the Denver hostel of the institution last month and have been facing the scrutiny of the law ever since. While they would want to get bail, the state is opposing any bail application.

The basis for their opposition to the bail is that at least two of the accused have pending cases related to kidnapping as well. So the state believes the accused are best held until justice is discharged in the case.

While it is unclear what direction the case will lead to, some South Africans are already calling for the authorities to ensure there is no miscarriage of justice. Well, time will tell.

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