Wiz Khalifa Drops New Song “Slim Peter”

Wiz Khalifa released brand new song "Slim Peter"

Wiz Khalifa celebrates the good things in his life with a brand new song titled “Slim Peter”.

Taylor Gang boss, Wiz Khalifa is having the time of his life and he’s dropped a song to celebrate it. It’s always fun to see the talented rapper having fun and talking about the things in his life that make him very happy.

It’s been a good year so far for him, he’s looking to tell the world about it. Recently inspired by Peter Griffin from Family Guy, Khalifa has dropped a brand new song titled “Slim Peter”. The new joint is produced by Statik Skeleta and it sees the “See You Again” rapper delivering his bars in a really good mood.

In the song, he talks about living his best life and being surrounded by his favourite things. You should know that he’s talking about being surrounded by weed. He rides the song’s instrumentals in a way that infects you with his joy. He also talks about his family, and how he’s made a better life for them.

According to him, his mom has got her own crib now, and the backyard is all wood. The song comes after his April-released EP, “The Saga Of Wiz Khalifa”.

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