Wiz Khalifa Reveals The Two Weakest Hip-Hop Smokers

American rapper, Wiz Khalifa, has revealed while in an interview with Big Boy TV, some of the hip hop stars with the weakest lungs.

Even though several rappers have developed a reputation for possessing iron lungs, the ‘Kush & OJ’ rapper is widely known to be a prodigious weed smoker.

His band is known for this to the extent that many of his hip hop friends have grown cautious of engaging in smoke-sessions with Wiz Khalifa.

Rappers who can hold their own have been deeply outclassed as the talented rapper revealed during an interview with Big Boy TV.

When Wiz Khalifa was asked to name rappers who cannot hang in the bud smoking department, the ‘Work Hard Play Hard’ rapper did not waste time in revealing names.

He said:

Big Sean.

After taking a moment to ponder further, he also revealed:

“French Montana. I’m stoned so I can’t think of anyone.”

When Big Boy asked Wiz who would not get the passed the blunt during the pandemic, he replied:

Anybody who wasn’t in the house for at least an entire month. If you haven’t been quarantining for a month, you ain’t getting no weed. Matter of fact, nobody actually.

Big Boy further asked Wiz Khalifa if he would take the coronavirus immunity in exchange for six-months without weed.

It seems that was his easiest answer. Wiz Khalifa said:

I’m already pretty confident in my chances. So nah, I ain’t giving away my pot for that.

Wiz Khalifa also ranked himself as the bronze-tier weed-smoker, Snoop Dogg as the silver-tier weed-smoker and B-Real as the gold-tier weed-smoker.


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