Wolf Webster? Not Again. Kylie Jenner Changes Son’s Name

Celebrity mom and her partner Travis Scott appear to have had a change of heart and changed their son’s name.

When she gave birth to her son in February, she had announced his name as Wolf Webster. A month after, however, she appeared to be done with that name and announced a name change.

In a post to her 320 million followers, she had announced that she doesn’t want the tot to be called Wolf Webster anymore. She noted she and Travis didn’t feel like the name was for the kid.

Interestingly, although she’d noted she doesn’t want her son to be called Wolf anymore, she failed to give a substitute or replacement. This decision made some fans joke that they have nothing to call him and will continue to identify him by the old name.

Kylie and Travis also share a daughter, Stormi, whose name remains unchanged.

Sources close to the couple claim that they are very devoted parents. Kylie, in particular, is said to be very maternal and doesn’t joke when it comes to her kids.

Travis and Kylie split in 2019 but rekindled their love during the coronavirus pandemic. Since then, they have remained inseparable, and some of their fans look up to them for couple goals.

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