Wordz Drops “People Forget To Be People” Deluxe Edition Midnight

Where are fans of South African rapper Wordz? Your man has been pretty busy in the kitchen and is now set to serve you some appetizing numbers.

In a post on his official Instagram page, the songster and record producer announced that he would be releasing the deluxe edition of his “People Forger to be People” project. He left fans with the two images, one showing the artwork of the imminent project and the other showing the tracklist.

The artwork had a sombre look to it, as well as sombre imagery, with rows of empty seats on a somewhat dark canvas. it easily provokes a sense of foreboding, but one would actually have to listen to the project to get a sense of its thematic leanings.

The project had just five tracks on the tracklist, beginning with “God Willing” and ending with “Rap on My Shoulders.” Between those two are numbers like “Birdz,” “Don’t Loose Yourself,” and “Launch.” He also worked with a limited number of guests, which is not surprising given how lean the project is. Mashbeatz and Sleazy are among those who made the cut.

Wordz informed his fans that the project will be out by midnight today, so stay tuned for it.

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