Worst Behaviour’s Samba Ngolayini Has An Upcoming Remix Feat. DJ Lag, DJ Tira, Okmalumkoolkat, Beast, Gento Bareto, Tipcee

What Has Mzansi’s been up to? Well, apparently the South African musician’s “Samba Ngolayini” has an upcoming remix featuring Lag, Tira, , , , – some of the resonant voices in South African music.

One might say Lag pulled off a musical coup here, bringing together some of the finest voices in Mzansi music for a little musical adventure.

Although the song isn’t out yet – except for a teaser – fans are already excited for what is imminent. Can one blame them given the quality and appeal of the artistes on the guest list?

At any rate, we’ll be out here to share the song with y’all on release. According to , the song will be out on Friday. In order not to miss it – or to be among the first to listen to it – you might want to follow our social media channels as well as subscribe to our newsfeed.

Well, are you looking forward to ’s “Samba Ngolayini ()” wong with , , , , and ?  why or why not? You may want to share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Way to go!

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