Would Ambitiouz Entertainment Sign Big Xhosa?

South African musician has caught the attention of many out there and they think Ambitiouz entertainment, one of the notable record labels in South Africa, could do with him as part of them.

Ambitiouz entertainment has no plans of signing the songster, though, and has urged those pestering them to desist and respect their space as a record label. You can check out the label’s tweet below.

has a new song imminent. The songster had dissed a couple of notable figures, including Big Zulu, leading Emtee to denounce Big Xhosa on Instagram live.

At the moment, Ambitiouz entertainment is home to MissPru, LaSauce, Kid Tini, Blaq Diamond, Kraizie, Cici, SVilla,  Loyiso, Sibu Nzuza, Snymaan, Malome Vector, Manny Yack,  Fakaloice,  Brvdley, IntabaYaseDubai, Dr MaVibes

The record label is known as much for its music as for its controversies. It is probably the top rcord label with the most acrimonious artiste exits in recent memory in South Africa. It’s got a robust platform, though, and many artistes wouldn’t mind building their career with the label.

Do you think Ambitiouz entertainment should sign Big Xhosa? Why or why not? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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