Wow! Bontle Asked Priddy Ugly Out Before They Hit It Off

Bontle asked Priddy Ugly out before their relationship took off

Bontle asked out before they hit it off as a couple.

Talk about women making a move to get the men they want. and wife, are one cute couple we love to follow. From what we hear, Bontle made the first move before the hit it off to be the couple they are now.

The couple debuted the first episode of their joint YouTube channel and spoke about how their relationship began. According to them, Bontle had a boyfriend and also had a thing for Priddy but wasn’t sure if he liked her back because she didn’t look the part.

Priddy, on the other hand, liked her too but didn’t get a chance to talk to her when he first saw her at a in Johannesburg many years back. After getting her number from friends, they began chatting and started a friends.

However, they hit it off in 2009 when Bontle asked him out a few days after being dumped by her then boyfriend on her birthday. They ended up getting married 11 years later. That’s quite the love story. You can watch them narrate it below.

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