WWE Great Hulk Hogan Baptised Alongside Wife, Finds New Life In Christ

In the ring,m he wasn’t a fighter who gave up easily. He usually fights it out to the end. But there was just one force that WWE legend just couldn’t resist – the force of Christ. After decades of sailing the world and indifference to the things of God, he had finally submitted to Jesus.

If one were to quote the bible here, his decision to surrender to Jesus is actually the greatest miracle of all – greater even than the raising of the dead. Yeah, that’s what the Bible says.

Hulk Hogan and his wife Sky got baptised at a Florida church, with the WWE legend describing that moment as the greatest day of his life. With Hulk Hogan embracing Christ, he joins the list of a few other celebs who made a choice for Christ a long time ago.

Of course, it is one thing to state one’s submission to Christ, and it is a different ball game to stay submitted and even try to show others the light one has experienced in Christ.

One thing is obvious,m though: Having chosen to surrender to Christ, Hulk Hogan will now be even under closer scrutiny from the public, as many try to see whether his life actually aligns with his latest confession.

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