Xolani Exposes Drug Lords In Richardsbay On Sizokthola

Xolani exposes the biggest drug lord in Richardsbay on his show Sizokthola.

So much is happening in SA today, and some say SAPS is choosing to turn a blind eye. We have no idea the extent of it all, but drugs are being pedaled in the country, and someone is finally doing a thing about it.

Mzansi is hailing TV star Xolani for doing the job of the police and that of an investigative journalist on his hit show “Sizokthola.” In the recent episode of the show, he exposed a Nigerian drug lord, G-Boy, who has been called the biggest one in Richardsbay.

In the previous episode, Xolani discovered G-Boy’s girlfriend, who is from South Africa, and found drugs hidden with her. She was taken into custody and tried to reach her Nigerian man, but he bailed on her. All attempts to get to him failed because he left her to suffer for his sins.

Well, that did not last long because he was caught chilling in a hotel while his girl was in custody. There are claims that G-Boy and his cohorts have never been arrested because SAPS is gaining from what they do. Read some of the tweets below.

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