Xzibit Steps His Kush Up Challenge Game Up With A Massive 8 Gram Joint

The trend at the moment sees various people coming up with different kind of challenges on social media and the celebrities having a lot of time on their hands have also created some of their own challenges. From dance challenges to isolation challenges, now courtesy of rappers “who smoke” now we have the “Kush Up” challenge.

Talented rapper Xzibit recently accepted the Kush up challenge after being nominated by Wiz Khalifa. The idea of the challenge launched by Gillie Da King is to hold in smoke for as long as possible, after puffing a lot of it. The rapper Wiz Khalifa after doing his, nominated a couple of artists like Snoop Dogg, Juicy J and Xzibit.

See the post below;

Xzibit honored the challenge by posting his own video of himself puffing on a big joint and not only holding it in once but twice and letting out a big cough after.

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