#YaLevisAtKarKave: Congolese Singer Ya Levis Performing Alongside Andile Mpisane in Sandton this weekend

Congolese singer Ya Levis is coming to South Africa, and the Rainbow Nation is pretty excited to have him. Already, his coming is trending with the hashtag #YaLevisAtKarKave.

The hashtag is pretty self-explanatory. Ya Levis is the singer coming to town. “At” references the place (Kar Kave) where the songster will perform in Sandton to the delight of fans.

According to the flier released by Universe Group Entertainment and Potential Live Trading, Ya Levis will be perfuming this weekend. But he wouldn’t be alone at the arena.

Also scheduled to perform at Kar Kave is Andile Mpisane. While Ya Levis is pretty well known and no one back home is doubting his creative energy, Andile has been a subject of cold jokes.

According to some of his critics, they can’t point to a song of his on Spotify, yet he’s everywhere performing. They attributed this to his mother’s wealth. Shauwn Mkhize is prepared to pay any sum to promote his son, they claim.

About his inclusion in the #YaLevisAtKarKave concert, though, fans are not complaining. They are out on social media promoting the show. It remains to be seen how and Ya Levis will perform this Saturday in Sandton.

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