Yanga Chief “Pop Star” Merch By Laduma Is Ready

Yanga Chief announces that the “Pop Star” merch by Laduma is ready.

We are 14 days into the new year, and already, Yanga Chief is chasing the bag. Honestly, we love to see it. Last year, Yanga dropped the impressive “Pop Star” album which received so much praise from fans of SA Hip Hop in the country.

In a recent post shared on Instagram, he has revealed that the merch for the album is ready. He sent a shout out to Laduma who reportedly created them. According to him, the merch will be available at FakuWear. That’s for fans who are interested.

The SA Hip Hop star has been doing the most from last year into this new year. He snagged the much coveted SAMA for Best Hip Hop album. Virtually everyone was impressed and happy for his win. We can’t wait to see all that’s he’s got planned for the year.

John Jabulani

John is a music and media enthusiast who has created content for several years. He is also a singer and a songwriter. He is fascinated by stories behind hit songs and also by the artists who create them.

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