Yanga Chief Reveals Release Date For His Upcoming Album ‘Pop Star’

Yanga Chief reveals the official release date for his highly anticipated album “Pop Star”.

We are absolutely in awe of how well Yanga Chief has done in the music industry. The talented emcee recorded a new milestone this year, when he snagged the award for the “Best Hip Hop Album” at #SAMA26 with his EP “Becoming A Pop Star”.

Literally everyone felt he deserved it. All except the artists who weren’t nominated. Yanga later announced that he would be dropping his album soon, and revealed the title to be “Pop Star”. You need not be told that it’s a continuation of his “BAPS” EP.

Finally, he’s announced the date for the album’s release. He revealed it to be on November, 27th 2020. Fans can pre-order it on Friday, and also listen to the album’s first single “BBAF”. According to him, it took 3 years to make, and is about being okay with who you are. This is something to look forward to.