Yanga Sobetwa Covers “Never Would’ve Made It” By Marvin Sapp During A Bathroom Session

Yanga Sobetwa Proves the Coronavirus situation can’t stop her from sharing the message of love and hope, as she took to her social media page to share a wonderful bathroom performance.

The beautiful songstress has over time shared the message of hope and love with her songs. The energy she brings is a positive one and she makes sure to share it with her fans.

Mzansi and the world at large is caught in a moment of uncertainties due to the pandemic situation. With people trying their best to keep on being hopeful, songs like this make it all worth it.

Yanga Sobetwa took to her Instagram page to share a lit rendition she made in her bathroom and the song portrayed love and light. Fans feeling very inspire due to the rendition, have now gone on the platform to express their gratitude to Yanga Sobetwa for the song. Check it out below:

200 comments and 2000 likes and I’ll release this on my YouTube channel .
Comment with “🌻🙌🏾”
By the way I never look pretty when I sing 😂
Song : Never would’ve made it
Artist: @marvinsapp
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