Yanga Sobetwa Educates Mzansi’s Little People On Proper Hygiene

Yanga Sobetwa educates people on Proper Hygiene

Yanga Sobetwa educates Mzansi’s women on the need for Proper Hygiene.

We just love Idols SA star, Yanga Sobetwa to bits. She’s one singer who doesn’t just have the voice to make us love her more but also the reasoning to keep us as fans.

All through the lockdown, she’s entertained her fans with great musical performances. We personally love her Beyoncé covers, especially the one she did for her friend’s late niece. Now, Yanga is doing something different for her fans. She’s teaching them all about the need for personal hygiene.

The singer took to her Instagram stories to talk about her troubles with cleaning her makeup before turning in for the night. According to her, she almost slept with her makeup on but reminded herself of the reasons not to.

She explained that the face releases oils, and that wouldn’t happen if the pores are clogged. In her opinion, makeup is great but should be wiped off at night to let the face breathe.

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