Yanga Sobetwa Flexes Her Vocal Prowess With “Little Girl”

Yanga Sobetwa shows off her vocals with "Little Girl"

Yang Sobetwa flexes her vocal prowess with a spontaneous rendition of “Little Girl”.

There is no better motivation than hearing Idols SA star, Yanga Sobetwa belt out the words to a very empowering song. Everyone who knows her knows she can hit those notes. It’s exactly what she’s great at, and she does it without a sweat.

On Thursday, 19 March, the vocal power house shared a video of herself singing the lyrics of the song “Little Girl”. She literally stops you on your tracks with that rendition, and makes you just love her for her talent. Yanga has fast become one of the celebs whose vocals announce them even before the say something.

She must be using her music to entertain herself with the self-isolation happening in the country right now. Hopefully, all the epidemic gets controlled and eradicated soon so we can see her live again. Surely, we will find our way.

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