Yanga Sobetwa On Why Idols SA Winners Fail Stop Shining After Winning

South Africans often point to the “winning curse” that follows most people who win the Idols SA reality show. They emerge winners, all right, but it ends there for most of them, as their careers soon decline and they disappear into obscurity soon afterwards.

In contrast, most people who did not come through the reality show and did not win anything eventually rise to the pinnacle of their careers – or else gain more visibility nationally than the “Idols.”

Past winner Yanga Sobetwa seemingly addressed this problem when she noted that the record labels to which winners are signed after the end of the show rarely pay attention to the artists and their careers, and the results are all too glaring – failure of those artists to continue growing after emerging winners.

The songstress, who emerged winner in 2018 during the 14th season of the show, spoke during an appearance on the Nkululeko n Cultr podcast. She claimed that record labels would make the winners release one song and would not push them as they should.

What they do is the bare minimum, and it ends there. She should know, perhaps – after all, she recently celebrated the ending of her contract with Gallo Records, one of the Idols SA-associated labels.

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