Yanga Sobetwa Starts Her Own Record Label, Yanga Sobetwa Music

Yanga Sobetwa establishes her own Record Label

Yanga Sobetwa has set up her own Record Label, Yanga Sobetwa Music.

Idols SA winner, Yanga Sobetwa is certainly not playing around. She means business, and she wants all of Mzansi to know it. The singer who took home the Idols SA season 14 prize has now announced that she has set up her own record company which she named Yanga Sobetwa Music.

In a post (photo) shared on Instagram on Monday, 3 February 2020 she revealed the exciting news to her followers and fans. For a while though, she had given hints on the big news and her followers had anticipated what it could be.

Finally letting the cat out of the back, the “Promised Land” singer revealed that the company had been established by sharing a photo of the label name.

Of course, her fans congratulated her on the new achievement and also asked to be signed. She is currently on the Promised Land Tour with Amanda Black.

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