Yaya Mavundla Narrates Alleged Assault By A Security & Mistreatment By The Police

Famous trans activist Yaya Mavundla opened up about her alleged assault by a security guard and how the Police mistreated her.

Yaya Mavundla has opened up about getting attacked by a security guard in Johannesburg during the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence against Women and Children and ending up in jail for reporting the matter to the police.

Mavundla revealed that she reported the assault to the police, but they further mistreated her. She said she was arrested and accused of attacking the security guard despite having scars to prove her story.

She said, “At the police station, I received the highest level of misgendering, abuse, homophobia, and everything hateful you can think of. I will never forget it.”

“When I requested to get medical attention at the prison holding cells, they refused. My scars bled until they were dry. I received more hate, transphobia, and misgendering when I got to court.”

Fellow celebs and fans spoke out to support in the comments. @refilwemodiselle wrote,

“Norwood Police Station is a big problem… trust me, I know from personal experience. I was once in an endangering situation with all the evidence clear and there, and I was asked by a policewoman… Mam, are you sure you weren’t dreaming?

“There was an attempted breaking in at the time, and I happened to be heading to bed when I heard someone try to break my door to my room.”

“I’m so sorry you had to go through the unsafety of a system that actually doesn’t care about people genuinely. That’s why we feel hopeless in even reporting anything generally. It’s sad. Strength and love over you @yayarsa ♥️ God be your comfort.”

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