Yellow Room Replies K.O On The Use of his Image by the Gauteng Government

Recall we shared a news clip the other day about K.O’s annoyance about the use of his likeness in a video for a COVID-19 awareness campaign by the Gauteng Province government in South Africa and his plans to seek redress in court. If you missed the story, you can read it here.

Well, Yellow Room, the company which created the video, has responded to K.O. in a statement that surprised many. According to the company, K.O has no rights to the video although they might bear images that look like him.

According to Yellow Room, which describes the video (including its images) as a “passion project,” the video was not commissioned by any artiste and therefore Yellow Room owns 1oo percent of the rights to the material.

It appears it is now up to K.O to take up legal action as he had threatened earlier, or keep quiet about it at.

We are watching events keenly and will bring you more details as they drop. You are welcome to bookmark this site and stay tuned for updates.

Do you think K.O stands a chance of winning if the case should end up in court? You may drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

John Israel A

John is a language hedonist whose other pastime, besides writing, is reading up on politics and holding leaders to account. He believes the world can be better and is working behind the scenes to actualize that.

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