YFM Fires DJ Mncedisi Sindane

DJ Mncedisi Sindane has reportedly been fired by YFM.

There has been a lot of radio station drama recently. According to new updates, YFM’s 2021 #BeTheNext competition winner, DJ Mncedisi Sindane has reportedly been fired by the station.

According to Zimoja, sources close to the management at the radio station revealed that Mncedisi, presenter of the graveyard shift, put the programming in auto-play with no links. The bosses at the station were not thrilled that he was being paid for a job he did not do, so they fired him.

The source said, “He knew how to manipulate the system to play music in his absence while he was partying or chilling at home,” adding, “Whistleblowers blew his cover behind his back.”

Another source for the publication said the DJ was alleged to be emotionally and physically tired between running his side hustles, his studies and having to do the graveyard shift on YFM. They said,

“He loves his job, there is no way he would just jeopardise it like that. There is more to that story than meets the eye.”

Netizens found nothing wrong with what he was doing. One user wrote, “Was he not entertaining the listeners? If no, then they have every right to fire, but if yes, then he must take them to court. He delivered on his mandate and I’m sure listeners were happy. It’s called Work Programming.”

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