“You A Dinosaur”, AKA To Sizwe

AKA calls Sizwe a "Dinosaur"

calls a “dinosaur” in recent tweet.

If you thought was afraid of then you have no idea about him. We all know how much the Mzansi rapper loves a good challenge. After his altercation with the media personality, Supa Mega retreated to his cocoon and Mzansi thought he was afraid.

Well, he did give a hint that he was very much still there hours later. Now, he’s taking their beef up a notch by firing new shots at Sizwe. He called the mountain owner “a dinosaur” while referring to himself as the highest level in the game.

He also made reference to his bootleg jeans saying he would henceforth refer to him as “Old McDonald had a farm” adding “hee hi bootleg jean hi ho”. The two got into it after Sizwe reacted to his Reebok deal, with Supa Mega aiming shots at his bootleg jeans.

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