“You Are Such A Weak Little Boy”, Naledi Chirwa To President Cyril Ramaphosa

One of the big disadvantages of big a public servant is that you’re open to ridicule, and people have no qualms insulting you as they please.

President Cyril Ramaphosa may have found this out – not to his regrets, perhaps. In an explosive Twitter rant, Naledi Chirwa, a member of the opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the South African parliament, had denounced the president as a “weak little boy.”

She was reacting to president Cyril Ramaphosa’s tweet in which he had noted that the South African constitution and electoral process need to be protected from anyone who wants to weaken democracy and deny South African their hard-earned freedom.

Her tweet provoked outrage in South Africa, and understandably so. At just 28, is young enough to be Ramaphosa’s daughter. Some social media users noted she lacked home training; some implore her to respect elders.

And yet some wondered that she should call the Malawian Prophet Bushiri, who’s in his 30s, “papa” and President Ramaphosa, who’s 69, a “boy.” Some peeps rose to her defense, though, countering that no one was outraged when Rob Herov called the president a moron.

Naledi, however, remains undaunted and unapologetic. She insisted she wouldn’t respect a man who respects no one but Stellenbosch mafias.

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