Young Buck Auctions Off Catalogue To Pay Off Debt To 50 Cent

These are not the best times for former G-Unit rapper Young Buck. Despite having filed bankruptcy three years ago, he is still being chased by creditors, including 50 Cent, whose lawyers are demanding $250k from him for breaching his G-Unit contract.

G-Unit is now a defunct collective, but many still remember it for its contributions to the music scene, with 50 Cent as boss.

Fif’s relationship with some of his former bandmates has not been the best, as he is one to collect whatever he is owned, whatever it takes. And he has been doing just that with brutal efficiency, biding his time where necessary.

He is on Young Buck’s case, and there is no bringing in old times’ sake to make him forget the debt. He is adamant Buck – who is certainly no longer young – should pay. The songster is now auctioning part of his catalogue to pay off his debts.

Fif, who is no longer making music but is focused on acting and producing movies, believes that Young Buck is hiding assets from creditors and he is determined to get the money owed him. If and how he gets it is left to time. The world is watching. Stay tuned.

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