Young Buck Reveals He Shared A Cell With Future’s Son, Kobi In Prison

Young Buck shared a cell with Future's son, Kobi in prison

Young Buck reveals he and Future’s son, Kobi shared a cell in prison.

Former G-Unit rapper, Young Buck hasn’t had the best life in a while. The rapper has had quite a lot of legal issues that have been publicised by the media for years now. Just last year, he was arrested before Christmas and held without bond. However, that changed recently and he was released from prison last week.

Appearing in a Live interview with DJ Paul, he addressed his relationship with 50 Cent and filing for bankruptcy. He also revealed that while he was in prison, he shared a cell with Future’s 17 year old son, Kobi.

Kobi is currently behind bars on charges of criminal gang activity, criminal trespass, and altered ID of a firearm. Being locked up in Georgia, the 17 year old will he tried as an adult.

He revealed that he asked a guard to place Kobi in the same cell with him so he could take care of him. He also revealed he had a phone conversation with his uncle, Casino and told him he would look out for young man on the inside. He also revealed he had no idea what his charges were at the time.

He is quoted saying,

Yeah, lil n***a name was Kobi, I think. I┬átell the guard, ‘put that n***a in a cell with me.’ You feel me?”

Further adding,

And the little time I was locked up. A little bit of it, I done most of it with his son. His lil’ one. I think I talked to Casino, his uncle’s and shit… but it fucked me up, man.”

“I don’t really know what his charges was and shit but we was back there, you know?… I just told Casino, ‘I got him while he back here. I know y’all finna get this n***a all this money you n***as got but I got ’em while he back here.'”

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