Young Thug and French Montana Go on a War of Words

Young Thug and French Montana engage in a battle of words.

and have spent the night engaging in a volatile war of words. This came after the Moroccan-American rapper, , claimed that he could defeat in a battle of hits.

bluffed the authenticity of the claim and this angered .  Angry that has stuck his nose into what doesn’t bother him, French warned him to stay out of it as he slammed an unflattering image of Young Thug on his page.

Anyone who knows Young Thug wouldn’t be surprised at his outburst.

He said:

French Montana ass n***a. Listen bro. Get out of your feeling. I’m only speaking from an artist’s standpoint. You do not have nowhere near more hits than whatsoever. You probably won’t ever have more hits then buddy. So get that out of your head, I don’t know what you’re talking but get that out of your head.

He made other statements that French Montana responded to by slamming Young Thug for putting on the dress in “No Stylist’ and reiterating ’s ‘Hall of Cap’ comment then using it against him.

French Montana taunted him as he equated himself to one of the greatest hip hop writers of all time.

Worry about before me and Kendrick, you heard?

Thug threatened to call to release the video where Montana allegedly got knocked out.

He said:

I bet Meek find that video! Meek where they knocked his ass out at? Where can I get the video from, Meek?

French Montana clapped back by recording a video while he was lying shirtless in bed. He challenged Young Thug to release the video.

The rappers continued with their war of words and there is no sign and they are ready to back down.

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