Young Thug Spent A Day To Record Chris Brown’s “Slime & B.” Mixtape

American rapper, , has revealed that he spent just one day in recording his verses for his collaborative mixtape with .

The collaborative mixtape of and titled ‘Slime & B’ was released this week. One of them has come out to say that the joint project was completed faster than we would have ever expected.

Young Thus is remarkably known for his ridiculous work ethic in the studio. The talented rapper has several unreleased music that he keeps recording on a daily basis.

It is possible that when Young Thug announced that he is set to release a joint mixtape with Chris Brown, he hadn’t even started writing any of his verses.

The award-winning rapper has taken to his page to reveal that he recorded his verse is just one day.

After he took to social media to promote the project, Young Thug explained how he easily put the piece together.

The talented rapper:

I recorded all the verses in one day #OnGod.

Fans and critics have majorly given great reviews to the mixtape ‘Slime & B.’ It is impressive to hear that Thugger recorded his own part is one day.

Have you listened to the new mixtape? If yes, what do you think about it?

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