Young Thug’s Sister Dolly On Gunna’s Release From Jail

He was to have spent the whole of the year behind bars, with his leaving the slammer only possible in 2023. That was the verdict then. Gunna is out of prison now, and expectedly, there has been a slew of opinions about his release, with some people claiming he ratted out.

Yeah, some people are claiming that revealed secrets to snag a plea bargain and get out of jail. Amid the storm of opinions, Dolly White, sister to Gunna’s associate Young Thug, has implored people via a video calling Gunna a snitch.

In an attempt to set the record straight and deflect the criticisms directed at her brother’s friend and associate, Dolly noted that claiming that Gunna ratted isn’t making anyone look good or anything better. She implored them to stop.

As far as she’s concerned, if the people love Gunna as most of them claim, then they should give him all the support he would ever need. But, of course, they are not doing that,

On why she has not posted Gunna on social media, she cited legal issues and how she understands that there is not supposed to be any communication at the moment. You can check out the clip below.

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