YoungstaCPT Accused Of Using AKA’s Death To Chase Clout

Celebrated rapper YoungstaCPT is under fire following the release of a freestyle in which he jumped on an earlier released tune by his late compatriot AKA.

In that freestyle, he had delivered several notable lines, including one in which he pleaded not to be mistaken because he is aware there are those still grieving AKA in private. He then mentioned that things would have been different if he were there.\

They would have given the assassin a fight for their lives that day – more like blood for blood. It wasn’t the first time the songster had addressed the death, though. He had earlier noted that AKA’sassassins would have been located within one hour had the incident taken place in Cape Town.

AKA was gunned down at point-blank range on the street just outside Wish Restaurant in Durban. Killed with him was his former manager Tebello “Tibz” Motsoane. The killing reverberated across South Africa as many had not seen it coming.

YoungstaCPT was one of those who memorialised AKA in a song, but it appears that some tweeps are just not impressed, and they are accusing him of chasing clout with AKA’s death. But is he? By the way, both were friends before AKA’s murder.

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