YoungstaCPT Explains Why He’s Never Mentioned In SA Hip-Hop Conversations

Famous rapper YoungstaCpt has opened up about why he is never mentioned in conversations about SA Hip Hop.

It is a known fact that YoungstaCpt is one of the best and most talented rappers in the SA Hip Hop industry. He had amazing times in 2019 and 2021 when he snagged the awards for Hip-hop Best Album Of The Year 2019 and SA Hip-Hop Lyricist Of The Year 2021.

He has also amassed a loyal fanbase who would go with him to hell and back. Youngsta’s music talks about where he comes from and represents the struggles of Kaapstad, and for that, he is an icon. However, it is evident that he isn’t mentioned in certain SA Hip Hop conversations.

After Rashid Kay listed his top 5 rap albums and excluded YoungstaCpt, a fan asked why he isn’t shown the same respect as others. The “Wes-kaap” star responded by saying it would always happen if Joburg is the only region documenting SA Hip Hop.

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