YoungstaCPT Partners with Western Cape Heritage to Explore South African History

As we are close to the youth month, popular South African rapper, YoungstaCPT, has partnered with Western Cape Heritage to celebrate his Cape Town heritage. This will be done by exploring four historical landmarks in the Western Cape area.

Taking to his Twitter page, the talented rapper shared his new found youth activism’s hobby. He stated that it the responsibility of people to relate the untold story of South Africa and where it originated.

YoungstaCPT wrote:

Been brushing up on my history to understand more of what took place in South Africa, lots of untold stories & with less youth activism than ever I guess it’s up to us to take charge so starting today I’ll be dissecting 1 of 4 Wes-Kapp Heritage sites.

The talented rapper’s unique rapping style is heavily influenced by the history of South Africa and the Cape Town lifestyle. It is not surprising that he wants to get involved in this project.

YoungstaCPT took to his Twitter page to share a video where he talked about the project in detail. The ‘For Coloured Girls’ hitmaker will cover four major heritage sites in the Western Cape. To provide further information about the programme, a website will be launched.

YoungstaCPT said:

We’re embarking on an interesting journey for the next few weeks partnering with the Western Cape Heritage, we brining you the audience out there a list of landmarks and cultural heritage sites in the Western Cape, Cape Town and why these places are important for us to know.

To find out more, watch the video below.

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