YoungstaCPT Reacts To Fight Against Police Brutality

YoungstaCPT shares reaction to the fight against police brutality and protests

YoungstaCPT supports protests as he reacts to the fight against police brutality in America.

Anyone with access to the internet and news channels would have seen the uproar that came as a result of African American man, George Floyd’s death at the hands of the police. All over America and the world, people continue to protest against police brutality on Black Americans.

Also, in SA people have shown their support for these protest. SA Hip-hop star, YoungstaCPT has always been vocal about social issues which his award-winning 3T album practically details. The Mzansi rapper has stressed the reason to fight these issues in SA.

In a recent tweet, he shared his concern at South Africans only getting involved with the protests because it had nothing to do with their country. He revealed that the fight “starts with a corrupt government” as he stated his support for the protests. Very many celebs have also supported the protests.

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