YoungstaCPT Shouts Out His Grandpa Who Made His 3t Album A Success

YoungstaCPT shouts out the man who made his 3t album a success

YoungstaCPT shouts out to the man who made his debut album, 3t a success.

Everyone has got someone who inspires the works that they do, just like a lot of artistes do. We hear artistes say that their albums and even music was inspired by something someone said or did, or even people very dear to them.

YoungstaCPT had quite an amazing year last year especially during the awards season. The rapper’s debut album, 3t was a huge success with fans, on the airwaves and charts, and also at Award shows. It ended up bagging the Album of the Year award at the 2019 SA Hip-Hop Awards.

The rapper has now finally opened up about the inspiration behind the album and to whom he owes its success. He revealed it to be his grandfather. Sending a shout out to him via a tweet, he quoted the words his grandpa says to him and credited him for the success of et.

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