Your Questions On Netflix’s Cobra Kai Season 6, Answered

When a series is so good, people always look forward to the next season and the next and the… Well, that’s exactly what is going on right now with Cobra Kai, with many fans asking if the sixth season of the soaraway flick is out.

Cobra Kai, a continuation of the Karate Kid series, initially began as a YouTube original but moved to Netflix after two seasons. Moving over to Netflix turned out a coup of sorts, as the series exploded in popularity and began what it is today – something many can’t wait for each time a new season is announced.

So the current curiosity over the sixth season is understandable. However, at the time of writing, Netflix had not officially confirmed season six of the series. Still, there are so much fans of the series should expect, should Netflix push ahead and unveil the next season.

First off, according to multiple reports, production on season six of Cobra Kai is yet to start. In that case, the season isn’t going to premiere on Netflix until December 2023. You might say by this time next year.

Fans can expect the likes of William Zabka (Johnny Lawrence), Xolo Mariduea (Miguel Diaz), Mary Mouser (Samantha LaRusso), Martin Kove (John Kreese), and Thomas Ian Griffith (Terry Silver) as returning cast members.

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